A Look At The Importance Of Water Softener System

The troubles created by hard water are a common and familiar ordeal to many families. The extent of this problem runs in many households that use ground sourced water such as spring water and well water for their daily chores around the house. Although hard water does not have negative health effects on either humans or animals, it does have some costly effects. In fact, hard water is the best water to consume, due to its mineral rich nature.

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water, as indicated earlier, is mineral rich water that contains a high amount of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Carbonates. These are some of the common minerals that make up hard water. Hard water occurs due to groundwater dissolving these minerals as it percolates through the ground.

So, what does this have to do with water softening systems? The main work of water softening system is to remove the ions of these metals in order to avert the bad side effects that come with their presence in water. Here’s how to test for hard water – click here.

Why You Should Install a Water Softener In Your Home

In order to make a case for water softener systems installation in your home, it is paramount to acquaint yourself with the negative side effects of using hard water to carry out daily chores. Hard water does not lather easily as it is incompatible with many of the soaps on the market if not all of them. It also deals heavy damages to the plumbing system due to the deposition of scale inside of the pipe, reducing the plumbing lifespan significantly. Carrying out daily chores such laundry, washing dishes and even taking a bath can turn out to be quite hectic, since the there is always a deposition of the minerals in the form of scale. Electrical appliances that are water based, such as water heating systems and heating kettles also suffer frequent breakdowns due to the same deposition effect.

In many regards, therefore, there is a case for installing a kind of water softening systems to soften your domestic water supply. Which water softening systems can one purchase? Click here for installation tips.

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Types Of Water Softener Systems

There are several systems which function differently, but all have a softening effect on the water. They include;

The Salt based softeners, where the metal mineral in the water are exchanged for sodium ions. Such systems do not get rid of the ‘hardness’ completely as the sodium ions remain in large quantity.

Another alternative is the salt-free softener uses potassium chloride resin instead of sodium to carry out the softening. Essentially, it works by preventing the minerals from being deposited as scale, thus acting as descaler.

Alternatively, one could opt to use the magnetic water softener. It works by repelling the mineral ions by the pipe as well as with each other. Deposition of the minerals does not take place nor the formation of scales.

These are some of the systems that can be deployed to soften your water a great deal, reducing the coast incurred in plumbing repairs and replacements of electrical appliances. Click here for more choices.

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